Lochbuie Larder 2017

The new menu for 2017 is now live and can be seen by clicking on The Old Post Office, Lochbuie website. 

Here at Lochbuie, calving has begun and it finally feels as though Spring is in the air.  The daffodils are out and hopefully the mud will dry up soon.

Meanwhile Cal, the pet goat and garden destructor, turned 1yr old on Sunday. Happy Birthday you total nuisance!! 

New Lochbuie Larder Menu for 2015

Lochbuie Larder
Our new menu for 2015 is now available – Lochbuie Larder 2015 Menu. We hope that if you are coming to visit Mull this year then you can make use of this service! Just give us as much warning as possible because we do tend to cook to order.

We hope you enjoy!

New for 2014

From April 2014, not only will you be able to grab a brownie or flapjack but also you will be able to have soup and a sandwich down at The Old Post Office.

They will be made using freshly baked bread and locally sourced fillings such as Lochbuie beef, Isle of Mull Cheese, Lochbuie Egg Mayo – if my chickens are on form, Island Pork and we have delicious pickles that can go with these.

Come and see us soon.

Wild Lochbuie Venison – Now in Stock


We have some delicious wild Lochbuie venison now in stock – all joints available at The Old Post Office, Lochbuie.

Venison is as free-range food as you can get and seriously delicious!  What is more as it was shot here at Lochbuie there are virtually zero food miles involved in getting it to your plate.

Lochbuie Wild Venison Burgers

Venison is renowed for its low fat, low calories and low chlosteral properties – so not only is it delicious it is also good for you!

Here on Mull the ‘Season’ runs from August – October for the stags.  The majority of this meat is sold to Germany who have a taste for the slightly stronger taste. The hind Season runs from November through to February – their meat is tender and delicious.

Wild Lochbuie Venison Haunch


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