Spring is here

Today the hoggs (last year’s lambs) came home from their winter accommodation on the Black Isle. They go there to have a less wet winter and better grass – a bit like us going away for Winter sun.

For the next few weeks they go around like teenagers in large groups – power in numbers!


We could have been in the midst of Summer yesterday – an amazing day.

Changeover Day

A fairly damp day here today but lots to be done with a double changeover. Lots of meals ordered also which are all now in stock  by ordering from The Old Post Office.

Here’s Winnie – still waiting for her to calf. 

That Friday Feeling

Seems like a long week is coming to an end. Coming home from holiday and I think I have finally conquered the laundry mountain! Holiday cottage changeover this morning and then a sort out in the shop as the roads are getting busier already.

A glimmer of colour on another driech day.

Blowing a Hoolie

It has been a filthy day here with a strong wind blowing most of the day resulting in boats being cancelled and my holiday cottage tenants not showing up….yet!

Took this photo from the Grasspoint road – you would think it was a beautiful spring day! 

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